Dinner In A Shell

„The 1st thing we did  3 weeks ago when we started was having dinners in this hall.“

Supplement of an lovely occasion which happened recently at Halle 18. Thank you very much to Ben Heinrich & and his team for this stunning taste experience & Patrick Birke for the great video.

Ben brought this thing next level with 50 portions (30kg) of Danish shells which he ordered a week before.

Ben’s shell dinner was a great event for good conversations & exchange. It tasted fantastic & we not even needed any silverware.

The neighbouring people on Auf AEG supported us with white plates and we financed it on donation with a 150-200 Euros on miss calculation.

Thanks to the „Karma Bar“ which works the same way, we got that in quite quickly. After the math of the event we should be even.

Sound was perfect as usual at Q17/Q18. Karsten who is owner of an hip hop record shop just killed it with perfect mix on 90 to 110 BPM’s on vinyl and just the right mood for this get together.

The remaining shells ended up on a little rave party. A small crew made into in one of the most beautiful and not easy to get in arts & crafts places in Nuremberg. No Photos. Keep going. It was such a pleasure 🙂

If you like to support us in anyway give us a shout and participate. We are looking forward to all the other occasions  to come…

#q17q18 #workinprogress #senses #participate

One camera, many photographers. As far as I remember it was Thilo & Patrick, right?

by Ben Heinrich

Archaisches Muschelessen:

.archaisch. performativ.

Miesmuscheln in Topf auf Feuer in dampfendem Weißweinsud, fein gerührt und verdreht. Dazu Brot und Wein.
Dunkle Industriehalle. Weiße Tafel. Kerzen.
Gerahmt durch gepflegte Klangkulinarik zwischen 90 und 110 bpm von DJ Küstennebel.

Es gab 50 Muschelpersonen auf Spendenbasis, der Rest ist auf einem Rave in einem stillgelegten Jugendstil Bad gelandet.
Eine Veranstaltung aus dem Q17/Q18 Participate-Universum.
In Halle 18. Auf AEG.

49.460882, 11.026760



Next Event > Q17/Q18 Vernissage feat. Not Not House & live ambient support by VERYDEEPRECORDS:






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