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sphere – off space – hood 

„An work in progress exhibition. We started 2nd of October an we will be ready to share the outcome on Thursday, 12th of October at 7AM with you. The results of a 10 days confrontational process with focus on atmospheres, spaces & neighbourhoods.“ – scm


 photography |

jonathan kielkowski –  costa concordia

thomas bergner – urban hoods 

stefan-christoph methner –  spheres

installation |

paul blotzki – triptychon

blank – big great occupation

methners & RIESE – legs

babis cloud – tires

tobias witt – blow up

tom karg – room concepts

Open until  22.10.2017:


17:00 -23:00


14:00- 19:00

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„dia de la familia“

Kids Participate*: „dot dot dot…“:

Was’n Wetter für den „dia de la familia“ 👌

Gestern gehörte die Halle den Kids & die Erwachsenen durften auch kommen…


Vom food picture, zum gemeinschaftlichen Drucken, hin zur Kuratorenführung durch die Ausstellung, und ab auf die Trash 90s Party.  


Vielen Dank für die großartige Programmgestaltung an Dunja & Jordi Closa.

Die Photos vom Tag findet hier.

Not Not House feat. Red On @ q17q18 Vernissage


Tube amps, a hall & a little bit of light. Let’s call this a pretty cathedral atmosphere with just the right sound. To make clear that we do not unsure the upcoming bookings we decided to keep it a bit more secrete.

Many thanks to the guys from Notnot House & VERYDEEPRECORDS

Before & after the gig the collectors from Not Not House were just simply blowing spheric recordings bound on vinyl into the venue on a good but not to big sound system.

It was the 1st time that we had something going on in this hall as we’ve been quite busy setting up infrastructures of this performative and processual concept. Just the right setting to talk about the exhibition & the realisation.

If you are looking for some kind of more easy consumable outcome, we would like to invite you for the 12th of October. (Ausstellungseröffnung)

Philipp did sound recordings in the hall &Rebecca Schwarzmeier did some visual documentation. We guess there is more to come…

Please find RED ON’s tour dates attached.

#q17q18 #spaceistheplace #redon #verydeeprecords #notnothouse

recorded live at Not Not House 3000hifi as a part of Q17/Q18 Auf AEG / Nuremberg 02.10.2017 Filmed by Rebecca Schwarzmeier

Music written & performed by Red On

„And after all we were washed away“ appears on Red On – Red On (VDR023) – Out now on Vinyl & Digital http://verydeeprecords.com/

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW VIA VERYDEEPRECORDS–––––––––––––––––––––––––––Red On+ Schweben+ Prizesin Haralt*live ↘ 06.10…

Posted by Red On on Montag, 2. Oktober 2017