„Beware, Utopia!“ – Cultural Typhoon in Europe 2017

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Date(s) - 22/09/2017 - 24/09/2017


The wind is rising up!

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Feel free to join the art exhibition and opening party Experiment without Registration!

This year’s CTE in Nürnberg, bearing the title “Beware Utopia! Virtual, Actual and Past Visions of Urban Futures”, provides a forum for scholars (with a specializations in Media and Cultural Studies, Urban Planning, Anthropology or the Social Sciences) as well as social activists and artists with an interest in urban cultures and politics or textual and visual representations of the (future) city, to discuss representations and places of contestation regarding the imagination or lived praxis of alternative or utopian urban planning and living. Taking place at heizhaus, a cultural laboratory of a realized urban utopia next to the grounds of Nürnberg’s former Quelle mail-order firm – now being a space of contestation regarding its future usage itself – and other post-industrial cultural spots – the Kulturwerkstatt and Halle 18 Auf AEG – we couldn’t have thought of more suitable spaces to match the subject and the venue of this year’s Cultural Typhoon in Europe in Nürnberg.

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