Q17/Q18 – WORK IN PROGRESS (2013)

Hey Kids,

we found some older cool artworks by Markus Stumpf for Q18 from 2013 which we want to share with you.

If you like to understand this graphical creation a little bit better, you should know that Ernst Neufertwas „drafts man“ of Walter Gropius, developer of the DIN-Norm and architect of the former quelle building.

From Bauhaus in the 20s, 30s in New York, working for Speer in 40s to the 50s boom without getting called a Nazi. Crazy Dude, how does this work?


With his most popular book he initiated a brand for architecture references and „Bauentwurfslehre“ is still quite present in design & engineering spheres. How much of him is still relevant?

Maybe we have some time in the upcoming weeks to look into this a little bit more deeper at Q17 / Q18.

Find some more impressions on our old blog. Which includes a still valid about text by Franz Joseph Kaputt, a lot of interesting projects and memories of fun times…

Q17/Q18 – work in progress (2013):


Hear u soon.